Mommy Confessions #2

posted by Kandi

No chit-chat this week, onto the confessions!

I confess…

…that it is actually Thursday morning and I’m writing this for Friday.

…Audrey is on Christmas vacation and so is Chuck, let the chaos begin!

…I am no where near done with Christmas shopping.

…The above is basically talking about with Hubby’s family, which we won’t see until after the holiday.

…Since it’s this way with his family every year, I wait until after the 25th to get their gifts. When stuff is on clearance!!

…I hope no one tattles on my little secret..haha.

…This week has been super busy!

…I honestly don’t know how the “super Moms” of the world do it.

…I melted the chocolate for my Christmas buckeyes in my fondue pot and it worked well.

…While the fondue pot worked well, it took a lot longer for the chocolate to melt.

…that while it did take longer to melt, the upside is that I got other things done instead of “watching” the double boiler!

…Ren has been a terrible guy to put into bed recently. I don’t know what’s up with that.

…Courtney has also started waking up in the middle of the night…again. Please someone tell me this ends someday?!?

…Audrey gave us an awesome Christmas present yesterday! More on that in a post scheduled for next week.

…to wondering if anyone else has noticed that Kashi GoLean Honey Almond Flax cereal tastes a lot like Super Golden Crisp..except with good stuff in it?? I am really loving this cereal lately!! Had to plug it!

…I swear I just heard George Lopez’s voice in an episode of Dora the Explorer. I could be wrong, but how cool is that?? I love George Lopez!

…on the topic of comedians, I’ve found a new funny guy! Well, he’s not new, but new to us. Jim Gaffigan cracks me up! I love his clean humor based on real things. “Bacon pieces are the fairy dust of the food world”…hahaha

…that I’m rambling.

…the reason I’m doing the confessions on Thursday is due to Papaw’s funeral and burial. If you have no idea about that check out this post.

…I’m finished! Lots to do today and tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend everyone and feel free to share your confessions with us!


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