What Happened Wednesday

posted by Kandi

Good morning everyone! This post isn’t going to be a What Happened, but a What’s Happening, right now. As I sit here at my kitchen table, I keep glancing over my shoulder. Our kitchen window is behind me and the wind is howling through our little corner oh Ohio. Now, normally, wind doesn’t bother me, but today it does. Why? Well, after the wind from Hurricane Ike blew through our area in September of 2008 I’ve been leery of powerful winds. According to our local weather people we are going to have similar winds to rip through our area today…oh what fun!

Photo by Lerxst Ohio, Courtesy of Flickr

Anyway, I just wanted to basically give everyone our local weather forecast for the day..haha. So, enjoy your snow, wind, rain, hail, sun, cloudy day! By tomorrow I may be blown into Oz…we’ll see!


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