What Happened Wednesday: Conversations with a 2 year old

posted by Kandi

I actually wrote this yesterday…December 1, just for a time reference.

This afternoon I was checking my email and responding to things after a long morning. The kids were either napping or in the playroom playing. Suddenly, Courtney comes up the stairs and starts a conversation with me. Here is a small excerpt of it.

Me: Hi Court Court.
Her: Hi Mommee
Me: Whatcha doing?
Her: Want ‘nack (snack)
Me: It’s not snack time baby, it’s almost time for supper.
Her: want sips.
Me: you want your sippy cup?
Her: want sips
Me: huh? what are sips Courtney? (here she points to the counter where Chuck had left out the bag of chips from lunch)
Me: Oh, you want CHIPS?
Her: Yesh, preeze
Me: No, baby. No chips.
Her: want butta (aka Peanut Butter)
Me: No Court, no peanut butter either
Her: But Mommee, I wike the butta.

Yes, I realize it’s not THAT entertaining of a post. That said, this a typical conversation between the two of us. I remember when I wondered if this little girl would ever talk! She said barely 3 words by 18 months and I was beginning to think she never would talk. Then one day, she opens her mouth and said a 3 word sentence. I guess she was just waiting for a time to say something. Now she chats, holds pretty good conversations (for a 2 year old…haha), and LOVES to sing!! That’s my girl!


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