Let the purge begin…

posted by Kandi

Good Monday everyone! I’m hoping everyone had a super Thanksgiving and ate to their hearts content. We sure did around here. Although, on Thanksgiving day, I actually DID NOT eat ANY turkey. I have no idea how I didn’t, but I was enjoying the side dishes a little too much to be honest.

Now time to get to the purpose of this post…haha. The official purge has begun around our house. That time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is when I go through our playroom, each of the kids rooms and my closet. I make a pile of too icky to donate, donate-able (is that a word?) and hand me down. Yes, I did just write hand me down. Having two little girls, I pack up all of Audrey’s stuff and label it. Then I put it into our storage closet downstairs. There it stays until Courtney grows big enough to wear them.

I love this purge time though. I actually use it as a teaching tool for the kids. We’ve always held to the rule of “one toy in one toy out”, but this is a little different. This is when toys get organized. This is when outgrown toys get taken to the local homeless shelter. This is when I have the kids go with me to personally give the toys to kids. I love the theory of “paying it forward” and I’m hoping my kids are catching on.

It isn’t easy. I won’t lie. Audrey sometimes cries over certain things..a favorite shirt she can’t wear anymore, shoes she’s outgrown, etc. Ren has a really hard time with the toys and Courtney, well, she doesn’t really notice…yet…

So, my goal for this year is at least a box of books, one bag of toys per kid and clothes. Lots of clothes. My personal goal is to thin out my ever expanding purse collection. My other goal is to weed through the numerous boxes of tchotkes I have around here. If they aren’t displayed, why keep them?

Do you do any purging or things this time of year? What do you do with your stuff? Do you donate it to an organization like the Goodwill or Salvation Army? Or do you take it to local shelters? I’m always looking for new places to take things…


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