Mommy Confessions #2

Around here this week has been 95% better than last week even thought about being.

I’m also REALLY late with posting this. I didn’t even realize it was Friday until I saw Andrea’s post…ooops.

I confess…

…that somewhere during the week, I had 2 Tuesdays or something. I thought today was Thursday

…Audrey is learning how to play certain games on and now she wants to take over my laptop…ummm, no.

…Ren has taken every single toy book we’ve gotten and hidden them in his room.

…He did that only after he circled everything he expects Santa to bring him…he expects a lot.

…I’m really hoping he isn’t disappointed.

…Courtney started “wuving” everything this week. She “wuvs” MeeKee (Mickey Mouse), Prrwincess (her baby doll), Dora and Mommy.

…I’m so thankful I made the list of what Courtney loves!!!

…This week at preschool, Audrey’s class made turkeys. Each child wrote what they were thankful for..they were cute.

…While reading them I got a **wee bit** teary eyed. They said things like “I’m thankful for my Brother, or Mom, or Dad, or Sister”

…I found Audrey’s and it said she was thankful for apples…funny.

…Chuck recently discovered that his employer changed some rules regarding vacations carry over.

…due to this rule change he now has to use 10 PTO days, and 3 floating holidays BEFORE Dec. 31.

…he decided to take off most of December…sheesh!!

…I’m not as stressed out about the impending holiday season as I usually am.

…that the above statement may be a bit premature. Give me a week, that may change.

…I’m done for the week.

Do you have any confessions to share? Let us know!!


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