Prayers are needed.

As many of you know my sister is pregnant. She is currently 35 weeks. Earlier this week she went in for her non stress test and her blood pressure was insanely high I think at one point it was 197/121. They transferred her to an off base hospital. She was admitted on Monday. She was put on complete bedrest. Not even allowed bathroom privileges. Yesterday her BP was much better and they gave her bathroom privileges and took her off some of the meds to see how she would fare. Well last night they took the privileges away again put her back on the meds and told her they would be taking the baby today at 1pm vegas times. There is always concern for a baby being premature but with her history of having them at 35 weeks they had been giving her steroid shots in hopes for healthy lungs.
Sorry to stop this so quickly. I just got a phone call as I was typing. They are taking the baby in an hour. The baby is in crisis. Not sure what that means. I am guessing the baby is under stress and heart rate is lowering. Please keep her in your prayers.


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