Mommy Confessions.

Wow what a week I am pretty darn happy to see Friday how about you? Lets just say it has been a very BUSY week.
So onto Mommy Confessions.

I confess…..

That like I said I am way to happy to see Friday here.

That I feel awful today. My cough seams to be getting worse. Maybe it is time to head to the Dr.

That Evan getting pink eye this week makes my skin crawl. While I know what causes it I can’t help but think EW dirty people get pink eye. I KNOW THIS ISN’T true. I didn’t say there was logic in my thinking.

That last night I went with my mom to visit one of her co-works who had a stroke 2 1/2 months ago. I couldn’t help but think what a strong man this is to learn all that he has to learn over again and he still has a smile. What an inspiration.

That while I was there it really reminded me of how lucky I really am. My family is healthy and happy.

That while my kids drive me nuts 99% of the time and may lead me to a nervous breakdown one day. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am the LUCKIEST mommy in the world.

That I cried yesterday when my little dog got sick for the 2nd day in a row on my carpet and my little spot bot wouldn’t work.

That I was giddy when the lady at bissel figured out what was wrong with it and got it working again. (this spot bot is in my top 3 things I own in my house.)

That I am trying not to loose focus of the holidays. It is so hard to remember that Christmas isn’t about the gifts and all of that it is about the birth of my Lord Jesus. I hope that I can be an example to my children and that they can realize this also.

That I had so much bitterness last night as I was talking with my mom about her having to take out a mortgage on her home that she paid off in 95 because she loaned my cousin so much money and he hasn’t paid a dime back. I really want to just call him and tell him what he has done to my mom.

That I was even more bitter because people take NO responsibility for their dept. The people that file bankruptcy and don’t learn and continue to do the same thing aren’t being punished We are. We are working our tail off to become dept free and others are screwing the credit card companies and banks and they in return screw the good people. It just really sucks. (sorry more on that soap box later I am sure)

That the 14 anniversary of my grandpa’s death was this week. I miss him so. He was such a great man. I was so blessed to have him in my life. God is such a great God that he placed a reminder of him everyday in my life. My husband. Tommy is so much like him. I see so much of him in Tommy. It is amazing how my grandpa never had the chance to meet Tommy but I know he would love him.

Those are my confessions for the week. I hope everybody is quickly getting over the YUCKS. Take a few minuets to remember what you are thankful for. Life is really so short. Make sure you tell someone you love them.

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