Mommy Confessions #2

posted by Kandi

It’s that time of the week again! It feels so odd this week, since I didn’t write up any confessions last week. Actually, last week at this time I was somewhere between Springfield, Missouri and Indianapolis, Indiana, so I’m thankful to be home this week!

Here are my confessions.

I confess…

…it’s been a really rough week around my house.

…that Chuck has been really great this week. Honestly, he’s been a little too attentive, but I’m not complaining!

…that I wish there were rules about kicking people’s butts for doing inappropriate things (no, not my family…a third party in this case)

…Audrey had a really bad week at school. She was crying every day when I picked her up. Nothing serious, just preschool drama (such and such is playing with whoever and not meeeee!!!)

…I feel like I’ve neglected the kids all week due to the personal problem I encountered on Sunday.

…That the above makes me feel like a terrible Mom, but sometimes life happens

…We found out yesterday that Ren needs a second set of tubes in his ears and will be getting his adenoids out too.

…My family is full of guilt. Seriously, they lay it on whenever they can and it’s starting to get REALLY annoying!!!

…that while I love all of my family, I sometimes feel like I’m the one dumped on because I’m a stay at home Mom instead of a working Mom.

…my brother has done something he normally would do, which doesn’t shock me at all. For some reason though, my family is shocked. Please…he’s never going to change and has acted like this for years. I love him, but sometimes he just doesn’t use the brains he has…**insert huge eye roll and sisterly sigh here**

…Okay, I’m done because I honestly had a really crappy week and writing it down makes me remember…


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