Dear Pampers…I’m sorry…(w/ update)

posted by Kandi

Dear Pampers,

Yes, it’s me. The one who has spent more money than I choose to think about purchasing your products. Audrey was a complete Pampers baby. From day 1 she was Swaddled in Swaddlers with Sensitive wipes to make sure nothing bad happened to her heiny.

Now, we’re going to skip right over Ren. You see, while some people love Pampers on boys, they just did not hold as well as Huggies did for my little man. He would tinkle out of a Pamper before he was even done. That was annoying.

Courtney started into the world a Pampers girl too. Everything was chugging along great until she grew out of Swaddlers. I’m not sure what happened, maybe a diaper formula change (grabbing straws here P&G). Once she was out of the Swaddlers though, her little toushie just stayed broken out. At first I thought it was just me. Maybe I wasn’t changing her enough (I mean, she is #3…I didn’t have enough time to focus on her potty habits). Could it be that she started solids? I tried everything never even thinking it would be you, dear Pampers diaper.

So sadly, I’ve replaced you with Huggies. They don’t break my baby out and she is a lot happier because of it. I’m sad to report that this issue also includes the wipes.

My question for you is…did you change your formulas? Is it just my kiddo? Well, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve had to move on. I will remember you with fond (maybe that’s stretching it…just a tad) memories. So sorry to have to do this, but you’ll understand. New babies arrive daily waiting for you to Swaddle them.

Kandi and the whole family!

**There is a comment on this post below. If you read that then this update will make more sense. Okay, I didn’t even know people were reading our blog. Really. So, when we got this comment to moderate Andrea and I were truly excited! So, I gave P&G a call and spoke to the nicest person. She said that P&G is always interested in knowing what consumers think of their products, both good and bad. I really liked that. I ask a couple of questions about how they find blogs with stuff on them and they actually have people who find stuff like this to get insight into their products…awesome! To thank me for calling, they are sending me some coupons for Kandoo, Pampers Wipes, Easy-Ups and UnderJams. All things I use with Audrey and Cameren. That is going above and beyond in my book. Personally, going out of their way to contact little ole blogger Mom Kandi says a lot for P&G and how they feel about their consumers. They also directed me to look at their website for any potty training questions, advice and the like. Pretty cool. So, thanks P&G and Pampers for taking the time to do all of that. I have gained greater respect for the company in whole (although, I’ve always respected y’all).**


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