What is going on with Customer Service.

Gone are the days of calling a company and getting polite customer service. I remember the days you could pick up the phone and call in you would get the correct answer and the help that you would need ASAP. You remember back in the day you could call on the phone and get a credit card limit upped right when you were on the phone. Those days are long gone.
About 8 years ago we bought our first home. It was a very nice house. We decided to put in Cable. I called the cable company. (Oh I hate to bad mouth people. Who am I kidding it was Time Warner.) So TW came out and put the cable thru my house. They also put a few other things thru my brand new gray almost white carpet. MUD. It was everywhere. I had asked the man to take off his shoes and he refused he also broke a few figurines that my late grandmother had given to me. JERK. While he was still there I called the TW and told them what was going on. And it all started here. IDIOTS working for customer service. They told me it was my fault and refused to pay to fix the problem. I couldn’t get it up so I had to call a carpet cleaning company. I had my carpets cleaned and called them and sent them the bill. They sent me a letter back telling me it wasn’t their responisblity. WHAT.
OK onto here recently. We live in a different house out in the country. We have to have satellite due to no cable is run out in this area. I saw online that TW was bringing their services out to the area and called 2 weeks ago to find out when. They told me at the begining of Novemeber. It isn’t that we want TW we want their broadband service out here. We are limited to bad internet service out here also. So I called on Sunday to see if it was here yet and the girl was like yes it is. I told her I would call back on Monday to place my order so we could check over what all we wanted. Makes sense right. NOT. I called Monday to place my order and they told me it wasn’t available in my area and that I had no clue what I was talking about. So I hung up and called back and got a different person. That person told me the same thing and then told me I didn’t live at the address I gave them that I lived on a road 2 miles down the way. WHAT. I told her I think I know my address I have lived here for 4 years. DUH. I got off the phone completely pissed off to say the least. I then called back to ask them if they could have someone come out and double check. I got the phone call yesterday that we were not serviceable. Right then it all came flooding back why we left TW so many years ago. They are awful with customer service then and now.
TW isn’t the only company that has their customer service skills lacking most places do. I want to go back to the days of Have a nice day and how can I help you. Not the get off the phone so I can leave for the day.


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