What happened Wednesday.

What happened Wednesday is here at last. Sorry about the delay but I will let you know in this post why.
What happened to Andrea.
My house has been so sick. This crap seams to be passing from person to person. Just when it reaches the last person you think you are in the clear but nope. It starts all over again. I have felt like death warmed over the past few days. My sweet little Scarlett has been such a mommies little helper. She would get me stuff that I needed and just let me rest. With the urging of my OB to take some Robitussin I am feeling a little better. Lets just say I can lift my head up with out wanting to pass out.
I have personally been able to keep Clorox and Lysol in business the past week in a half. Thank God for my stock pile of it. Though I think I may be needing to find some more sales to stock up again. (Why didn’t I buy stocks in this)
Here is hoping your house is getting better also. What happened to my nice healthy family? Maybe a hazmat sprayer thing to kill the germs at my door will help. I didn’t think so either so I guess some hot tea and rest will be in the cards for me.


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