Shopping trip this week

I finally went to the store today. I haven’t gone in quite a while except for the occasional pound of beef or the like. Today though, I did a HUGE shopping trip. My grand total was $146ish. The best part is the savings. I saved $160!! Seriously!! Scanning ads and planning your trip goes a LONG way! I didn’t get a lot of meat products though. There just aren’t a lot of great sales around me right now. Although, with the holidays around the corner, I’m hoping that may change!

So, here are the pics of what I got. Notice all the halloween candy in one of the pics. I scored those at $1.48 a bag and had coupons for $1 off 2 bags! I love Kroger and their Mega Sales! Those always yield great stock-up selections.

Oh, I also had some Target coupons I’d been saving and stacked those with some of the coupons from this weekend’s inserts. The doll baby was purchased today from Target too, but with a gift card the baby got for her birthday. She laid it there for the I spent around $9 at Target after coupons!! Woot!

That was my marathon shopping day. Let me tell ya, lugging 3 kids and groceries around is tiring! It reminded me of why I love shopping in the middle of the night…ALONE!

***Oh, in all the excitement of saving money, I forgot to give props to the site that does all the work so that I can save the “big bucks”. If you want to learn how I saved so much, go check out Mommysnacks. The site is very informative and gives you the low down on the sales. Seriously, do you really think I could have done this alone?? NO WAY!!! Without Andrea and her money saving techniques I would still be spending too much at the store!***


One response to “Shopping trip this week

  1. Great Job…I haven't done any of my shopping. I have been really sick all week long. So lets just say I have made it to get a shower every day and that is it.Have fun cooking this week. I am dreading next week when you leave. What ever shall I do.

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