I love my Dyson.

I am on obsessive vacuum user. I admit it I have issues. I love to have nice clean floors and love to see streaks in the carpet. I have gone thru more vacuums than I care to admit to. Since we have lived in this house (5 yrs) I have gone thru about 8 vacuums. They all end up dying on me for some strange reason. I am not sure if it is the fact that I use them several times a day or the fact that I have a very dusty house (I have corn fields all around me). My old vacuum had gotten to the point that it was pretty much useless and I had finally worn my hubby down to help pay for my newest toy. After much research and ad watching I finally found the best deal on what I wanted. I did though try it before I bought it. My mom had got one a month before hand and I hated to drop that kind of money on a vacuum if it wasn’t going to fit my families needs.I headed out to Meijer with my 30% coupon in hand and got my new Dyson Dc25. This thing is great. Not only does it work on carpet but it works on my hard wood floors. I just click the brush button and it goes into auto for the hard floors. LOVE IT. I It is really the best investment. Whether you have a large home or a small room you will love this. It works great on stairs and under things also. LOVE IT. It is totally worth the money. It empties very easily. It also have a 5 yr warranty which in my case is just what I needed. Here is the big kicker my kids LOVE to vacuum with it. It is super light and rolls easy and I guess it looks cool to them so they beg to vacuum. What more could a mom want.


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