Mommy Confessions.

Welcome and happy Friday.With snow flurries in our forecast for the day. Let the Mommy Confessions begin.

I confess.

That I was completely lost yesterday without my computer working.

That my computer died while I was making these Cinnamon rolls.

That I found my D in the in the kitchen? My hubby reattached it and now I have a D that comes up all the time.

That my sister is leaving today.

That my grandpa has a Dr apt today and the house is going to be empty. You know what that means. My grandma is going to come and accuse me of something. I feel it in the day.

That my sister is leaving today.

I had a freak out Mommy moment last night. Evan came home from school and his head was warm. I freaked out. But he is perfectly fine. I just pray it stays that way.

That my sister is leaving today.

That I hate it when people use the bathroom right after I clean it.

That my sister should have left at 5 am this morning but is still here.

That Evan was running last week with a pencil, I told him to stop and as soon as I told him you know what happened. So we went to the Dr on Monday for shots and well she had to pull the rest of it out.

That a huge weight will be lifted today since my sister is leaving today.

I had a wonderful time at the OAMM thing on Saturday. It was so great to meet all these lovely woman that I read their blogs and get to talk to them and make so many new friends.

Did I mention my sister is leaving today?

That Paisley not only has 1 freaking huge tooth coming in there is 2 coming in. Poor baby she doesn’t just get 1 at a time it is always 2.

That my sister is leaving today.

That Tommy and I had to cancel our trip to Graceland. I had tears running down my face when we decided but I know it is for the long term goal of being dept free. Instead we are hitting a double feature at the movies tomorrow and out to dinner Kid free. First time since before Paisley was born.

While I love my sister dearly. We are 2 totally different people. From the way we look to the way we act. We haven’t lived together since I was in the 6th grade. I disagree with the way she does things and have had to bite my tongue for the past several months just to keep peace. It will be so nice to get back to the way things were BA (before Aye)

Any confessions that you have? How has your week gone?
Turn on the fireplace and grab a cup of hot tea and enjoy your weekend.

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