Menu Plan Monday 10-12-09

In an serious effort to conserve time this week(I’m already about 1/2 day late posting this), I’m just going to post dinners.

Each meal is served with at least 1 veggie and fruit.

1. Ham, egg and cheese muffins (aka breaskfast for dinner!)

2. Cajun BBQ pork in the crock pot

3. Spaghetti and meatballs

4. Homemade chicken pot pie a la Mom (I basically take any left over veggies in the fridge, dice up some leftover chicken and stir into a pie crust with some cream of chicken soup.)

5. Taco night!!!!

6. Kids choice (aka pizza or hot dog night)

7. leftover buffet

Well, that’s it. Quick and easy this week. We don’t have a lot to do, but I am fighting off a sinus infection and just don’t have the energy I usually do. Remember to go to to check out more menus!

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