Mommy Confessions #2

posted by Kandi

Has anyone else felt like this was the longest week ever? Or was that just me? Either way TGIF!!!

I confess…

…that I’ve been a little preoccupied this week with menial/trivial things

…because of the above statement my house is in total disarray and right now I wish I had a housekeeper.

…that if one more of my kids pee-pees in their bed overnight I might just make them start sleeping in one of those hospital beds with a bedpan…seriously….

…my Dad has been in the hospital for 3 days now and they still aren’t sure what’s wrong with him.

…it’s quite annoying not knowing what’s wrong with Dad.

…either way I couldn’t go and see him with the cold I’m getting over, which frustrates me even more.

…dry, hacky tickly coughs suck! I hate this part of a cold. You know, where the icky part is over but the cough is hanging on…ugh!

…Audrey ask me if she could go to school everyday instead of just 3 days.

…The above makes me think next year we may put her into all day Kindergarten for half the year.

…I’m sure Ren has had it with Mommy and Daddy this week.

…why am I sure? He told me so this morning!! He’s getting to the smart mouth age.

…a half asleep toddler is super cute, especially in the middle of the night.

…they continue to be cute right up until you realize they got out of bed because they had pulled their diaper half off and then proceed to pee all over you as you are carrying them back to bed.

…I had a rough night.

…to buying another Vera bag…yes Andrea, I think I need an intervention.

…that I bought the Vera bag on Craigslist for 1/2 price. Does that make it better?!?!?

…to being extremely narcissistic the other night and took 68 pictures of myself. Most of which got deleted, but still…

…I got my hair cut. Layered with side bangs!! A HUGE change for me!

…that I’m done for this week.

So, do you have anything to confess? Come on, I know you do, everybody does. Even if it’s just the “I love my kids and hubby” confession it’s still a confession!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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