Mommy Confessions.

Sorry it is late today. You will see why in a few confessions.

I confess…..

It has been an insanely busy day. From the time I woke up it just keeps going.

It was so nice to have my sister call and offer to take Scarlett bowling for the afternoon. Scarlett still isn’t home.

Paisley did really well with her procedure this morning but hasn’t been doing to great this afternoon. (She had her tearducts unblocked) Her eyes have been bleeding all afternoon.

As if the above isn’t bad enough she has been on Pedilite and the BRAT diet yesterday and today due to such bad effects to teething.

I really want to just keep Evan home from school since there is the Swine break out in our district.

I pulled Scarlett out of preschool this week. She just was throwing a fit and I decided preschool just wasn’t worth the battle. So homeschooling here we come.

I pulled my heated electric mattress pad out and put it on my bed because my hubby keeps the house so freaking cold.

That last night I didn’t sleep with it on because for some strange reason my hubby turned the heat way to high.

That I am so pleased Evan has slept in his own bed all night for the whole week.

That I bribed my son with a lobster dinner if he slept in his own bed for 1 month.

That I made the worst dinner I have ever made in my life last night and still made the kids eat it.

That I had a Sunkist and banana pudding for lunch (Does that count for a Healthy lunch or what)

That a few years ago this week. I didn’t understand where a friend was coming from when she made the hardest choice of her life. I understand now and think she is such a strong woman for being so unselfish.

That I truely have the greatest friends. One called me this morning to watch Scarlett while I took Paisley to the hospital.

That I have convinced my 2 oldest kids that the name that I want for the baby is great. They are even calling him it. (my husband calls it brainwashing.)

That is about it for me. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please keep my grandfather in your thoughts and prayers. He had a stress test down yesterday and had to go in today because of odd results. He is going in on Monday for a Heart Cath and possible stint. He had open Heart bipass about 12 years ago and cancer 2 years ago.


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