The Binky Fairy

posted by Kandi

Have you ever heard of the Binky Fairy? She is a wonderful fairy who takes little boys and girls binkies and recycles them for the new babies in the hospital. Or, at least, that’s what we told Ren yesterday. Chuck and I were flipping channels the other night and came across a re-run of the Supernanny. On this particular episode the parents were having binky issues, just like we were. Well, Jo had this idea of the Binky Fairy and we thought it was a wonderful idea. We just had to wait for a good time to try it.

That time happened yesterday. Chuck and Ren were snuggling and Chuck mentioned the Binky Fairy to see what he thought. Ren bought it!!!!! He got so excited. So, we got out an envelope and put the binky inside. He (with Chuck’s help) wrote To Binky Fairy, Love Ren on it and they put it in the mailbox. The story says that the Binky Fairy flies around at night (like Santa does) and checks mailboxes for boys and girls binkies. If she finds one she leaves that boy or girl a present to show them how excited she is that they have become a “big boy” or “big girl”.

To help make this believable, I found some old sequins in my craft room. Chuck and I put 3 brand new Hot Wheels packages into a big envelope that we had written on and decorated it. We then took out the binky envelope and replaced it with the decorated one. To make the effect special we put some sequins in the envelope, on top of the mailbox and all around our front door and down our walkway. We also put streamers on the mailbox.

The morning when Ren woke up, he went flying for the door. He ran outside (and it was COLD mind you) and straight to the mailbox. Chuck lifted him up and he got out the present from the Binky Fairy. To say he was excited is a slight understatement. He ran right into the kitchen and dumped the contents on the table. Opened the cars and squealed with glee.

I won’t say he hasn’t missed his binky today, quite the opposite. He spent a good portion of his playdate telling his cousin about the Binky Fairy and how much he loved his binky. He also decided to today that since he’s now an “official big boy” he no longer takes naps either…YIKES!! We may have to chat about the nap thing, but tonight in my thankful prayers I will say an extra “thank you” to Jo from the Supernanny for her Fairy idea!


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