Product review…Fruit 2Day

I recently went to Kroger on a Saturday and they were handing out some samples. One of those samples was for a new drink called Fruit 2 Day. I thought it tasted good and they were handing out coupons so why not? I brought them home, for me. I’m not much of a grab a piece of fruit type of gal, so this would take care of some of my fruit servings each day.

I have to say, I like them! It took me a while to get past the random bits of fruit that dump into your mouth while drinking, but once I got past that I really enjoyed it. Oh, and speaking from experience…remember to shake it before drinking. That’s all I’m saying..haha.

So, if you need a little help getting some extra fruit into your diet, this may help you. You can go check out their website here and print a coupon for $1 off and try it for yourself!

Disclaimer: I was NOT contacted to write something about this and have no affiliation with the product. I was literally shopping a bought it on a whim, happen to like it and thought I’d share. Thanks!!


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