Mommy Confessions #2

posted by Kandi

I got up this morning, did my normal routine, sat down to check email and realized it was Friday. How did this week fly by? Anywho, here’s my weekly list…

I confess…

…that Ren came up to me this morning and actually ask to wear underwear!! This is a GOOD thing!!!!

…that Courtney got semi-diagnosed with asthma and that terrifies me. Yes, I realize people live with it every day, but she’s my baby.

…Audrey would go to school every day if we allowed her to.

…that in speaking of Audrey, she kissed a boy at school this week and got caught.

…to having a total blast at Disney on Ice!

…that my hubby sometimes annoys the bugeezees out of me!!!

…to actually enjoying the rainy weather we’re having.

…a dear friend is visiting from out of town and I may or may not get to see her tonight. I really depends on the mood of my kids and right now, it’s not looking good.

…my pantry is getting messy again…ugh!

…that I cleaned 4 boxes of food, HBA and laundry supplies out of my stockpile downstairs and donated it.

…the best part of the above statement is that I had no food in my stockpile that was expired!! woohooo!!!!!!

…potty training a boy is A LOT harder than a girl!!!!!!!

…my Grammy turns 70 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Grammy! I love you!

…that the mountain of laundry downstairs is calling my name, so I’m finished!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and keeps dry (because of all the rain).
Do you have any confessions to share? let us know!


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