My U/S yesterday.

I had a pretty busy day yesterday. It started off bright and early. Nothing like starting your morning off having the “fun” U/S. Not your normal over the belly one the on that no woman looks forward to. They had to do this one first since there were issues with my Placenta last time. But everything with that looks perfect so I can’t complain. Then they did my U/S that I had been so looking forward to. (Really I am a nervous freak when it comes to my U/S or anybodies for that matter. I have had a few friends that got very bad news at U/S) anyways. Mine went great. The baby was being a little stubborn and wouldn’t give us the money shot. After while of getting all the medical info out the baby finally gave us what we were wanting. We are having another BOY!!!
We are so thrilled. We will not have 2 boys and 2 girls. What more could I ask for. I have been blessed in so many ways.


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