Adventures in Babyfood making.

Last Friday I decided to hit a local orchard to get some apples to make some home aid apple sauce for the baby. While I was there I got some killer deals on a few other fruits. I ended up buying 50lbs of apples yes you read right 50lbs of apples, a peck of 2nd peaches, a few pears, a melon, and Scarlett a sucker. I came home and couldn’t wait to start my baby food making. I normally try not to feed my kids store bought baby food for more than 2 weeks. I just hadn’t had time to really start making any so I decided if I didn’t do it now I wasn’t going to.
After I got home I washed up a bunch of apples and started my first batch. While I was HAND peeling, coring and cutting I decided to take a break because my fingers were going raw I hopped online to look at a crock pot recipe for applesauce. Well I found one and a great idea on how to make my life easier I just didn’t have the tools just yet. They were talking about using a kitchen aid mixer (check I have it, it is the love of my life) and a few attachments (nope don’t have this) So I ventured to craigslist to see if they had any for sale so I didn’t have to pay the hefty full price. As I was doing this my dear friend called and asked what I was doing I told her and she goes don’t do that I have one sitting in my garage I got for Christmas a few years ago it is brand new. (OH the angels were looking down on me.)I quickly called my hubby to stop by her house on his way home from work. I am so glad that I did. (Now I just need to get one for myself.) This thing was a godsend. Is all I had to do is quarter a whole apple and it did the rest. The kids loved to watch it “poop” out the seeds, skin and other stuff.
OK back to my baby food making. I ended up hand finishing the 1st pot of sugar free cinnamon apple sauce, and pureed peaches for the baby. I put the stuff in ice cube trays and froze them. About 2 cubes make 1 serving for my baby. After they were frozen I put them in a freezer container and they are ready to come out when I need them. Not only does Paisley love her new fresh healthy baby food the other kids do to. Over the weekend I ended up making 1 25lb box of applesauce and a peck of peaches. This week I am off to find killer deals of veggies to get those done and make a few pies with the apples that I have left…
This in my household is not only healthy. (YEAH ME) but very cheap. At around 50 cents a jar for store bought you can’t go wrong making your own. I spent $37 on all that fruit I was ever so excited. I am not sure what the over all savings it. I am sure I could figure it out.

Oh yeah I guess you might want a few of my recipes.
Crock pot Applesauce. ~This is so yummy I have been eating it also.
10 large peeled cored and cut up large apples. I put more in I have a huge crock pot. They say to have it 3/4’s of the way full.
1 cup of water
1 tbsp of cinnamon
you can add sugar but it doesn’t need it at all.
cook in your crock pot for about 3-4 hours on high.

This is awesome apple sauce. The other batches I didn’t add cinnamon because I was freezing it and it looses it’s flavor just add it as you need it.

The peaches I did 2 different ways. I bought 2nd peaches meaning they were getting really soft and not to far from going bad. If you buy 2nd’s you must do it that day or you will be upset for all the spoiled peaches you have.

peel and pit peaches put in about 1 inch of watch in a baking dish and bake for about 10 min. Then put in blender.

put an X on the peach put in a pot of boiling water cook for about 8 min while it is boiling, then put in cold water for a few min then peel and pit then put in about 1 inch of water and boil for about 5 min covered and then puree in blender.

I just pureed the mellon and I didn’t get to do anything with the pears because when Evan got home from school he saw them and they ate pears and begged me to leave for him. I got a few bites and they were SOOOOOOOOO good. He didn’t let them go to waste that is for sure.

These are all very easy.

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