OH my Lobster…

Last night I had the chance to attend a charity event. It was an event to raise money for the American Heart association. It was a blast. I went last year with a friend and her family. This year I went with her and her family, a dear friend and my sister. We went on selfish reasons. Not to raise money or awareness to the charity but it was all you can eat lobster. For $25 you got all you can eat lobster, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, corn, potatoes, all kinds of salads, ben and jerry’s ice cream and much much more. I am not sure how the charity was making any money. We were able to watch the OSU football game while sitting chatting with friends. What a wonderful time.
If you have the chance to attend a charity event I highly recommend it. Even if you just go for the food and pay that way you are still making a difference. I have another event I am attending next month which is a personal one. One of my closest friends from back in JR high (we are still really close) has a little boy that is Evan’s age he was diagnosed over the summer with Type 1 Diabetes. For those of you who don’t know anything about Diabetes most kids have what is called juvenile diabetes. While it is serious it is really bad when a YOUNG child has type 1. We are doing a walk in October to raise money and awareness to help find a cure. I am not one to normally ask for anything but if you have the chance to come out and walk please let me know. As always anything helps.
Keep and open mind when being asked to help with a charity. YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE


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