My passion….

posted by Kandi

I have this passion for taking pictures. Ask anyone, well ask Andrea since you know her. I take WAY more pictures than the average person. I scrapbook and if you do it you know how you want that “perfect” shot. I’m a little crazy about it, truly. I got a new camera for Christmas last year and was so thrilled I didn’t know what to do with myself. Sooo, I have been taking tons of pictures. Of everything. Flowers, cars, the sky, shrubs, dirty diapers (okay, not really, just checking if you were reading…haha).

I wanted to share some of the ones I love and see what you think. Let me know if they are terrible or okay or whatever. I just love taking pictures….

The Cincinnati skyline coming from Kentucky

Traffic on the interstate

The peony in my front yard this spring

A view from our front yard of the sunset

The flowering bush in our front yard


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