My baby is learning words…

posted by Kandi

Courtney is learning words. To be more specific, she is learning more words. She has been speaking jibberish for quite some time. I’ll be honest, it was very frustrating for a while. Audrey was speaking before 15 months and Ren took to it very soon after his ear surgery. Courtney is another character altogether though. She always has been. My Grammy (who had 4 kids in 4 years) told me that the third for her learned things a bit slower than her first two. I remember saying “how can that be? She should’ve learned from her big sisters.” Grammy assured me that it isn’t a big deal because those “big” siblings also spoke a lot for #3 therefore she didn’t need to speak. “Ah ha” I thought. Well that WON’T happen to mine. Boy was I wrong! She is learning and growing according to schedule, but speaking real words has been coming slower than the other two.

Now, that being said, Courtney’s newest accomplishment is body parts. Not the usual nose, eyes, ears. Nope, not her. She is learning fingers, toes, knees and now thanks to her loving brother and sister, personal anatomy. We aren’t shy about things such as this. We also teach our kids the proper words for body parts. If that embarrasses you, you might want to stop reading here…

Onto the funny part. Tonight Courtney has been fighting sleep. She recently moved into her toddler bed and is loving the fact that she can get up and move around. Well, on about the third time of tucking her in tonight, I decided I’d rub her hair. It’s worked before, so why not. Midway through rubbing her hair, she reaches over and touches my arm. I’m thinking “aww, she still likes this”. Well, she might still like it, but what happened next REALLY caught me off guard. She reached over and pinched my boob. Yup, pinched…hard! Then in her little toddler voice says “Mommy booby”. I smiled through the pain and said “yes, that’s Mommy’s breast but we don’t touch other people there”. She smiled, rolled over and closed her eyes.

Why do I have the feeling that she did it to get back at me for making her go to bed? Has anyone else had an issue with personal body parts and their kids? Please, if you are so inclined, share…that way I don’t feel like a huge dork!!


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