Mommy Confessions #2

posted by Kandi

Another week has come and gone. This one seemed to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Did it feel that way for you too? I need to post this rather quickly because I have all 3 kids getting flu shots this morning.

I confess…

…that convincing Chuck to drop Audrey off at school was a lot easier than I thought.

…to really liking (maybe a little too much) having time with the two younger ones while Audrey is at school

…that I DO NOT enjoy getting up before 7, but I’m doing it.

…I lost 1/2 a pound this week…yay me!!!

…that I take way too many pictures, but memories are priceless in my book.

…that 3 kids with head colds never equates to a good week for Mom. There may be good moments, but overall it just wasn’t good.

…that caffeine has become my new best friend since I started waking up early.

…to having a slight (okay, major) love affair with my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Can I make it a shrine??

…having home grown tomatoes is wonderful no matter how you slice ’em…haha.

…I have the dorkiest husband ever and I still love him to bits!

…I have great friends! No matter what needs done, home repair, chatting, gossiping (yes, we do gossip..a little), or just general venting I know who my friends are and have known for quite a while!

…that I am done! Now off to the doc’s office for those shots….

Do you have anything to confess? Feel free to share it with us.


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