Target shopping trip

I haven’t posted a shopping trip for quite some time. Mostly because I haven’t been really going for a lot of things. The stuff I have been buying either rarely has a coupon or is meat, milk, bread…you know, those things that everyone uses.

Today I scored some cool things. Everything in the pictures above cost me $59 and some odd change. I was proud of that. Target is having some awesome sales this week and I can’t pass up an opportunity to stock up on notebooks!! I bought two 4-pack notebooks for $.35!! I’m such a note making, to do list person that I go through a lot of paper (and yes, I recycle it when I’m done!). My Target store had their Back-to-School stuff for anywhere from 30% to 50% off. The lunch tote, which I will use for snacks in the van, was clearanced for $2.48! That was a score for me since my old snack carrier just ripped. I love how karma works like that!

I scored the Huggies diapers for $5.99 a bag after coupons and the Pull-Ups were $7.99 a bag. I’m hoping within the next several months I won’t need to purchase those Pull-Ups anymore! Talk about saving money!

I also really scored with the Puffs in the picture. There are 4 boxes per package. The package was dressed up for BTS and are now on clearance. I paid $2.78 for a 4 pack and used a coupon! I’m hoping to go and get more later this week and will probably pay the full clearance price for them. Even without a coupon that’s still a good deal in my book and really who doesn’t use a facial tissue? Especially in the winter!!!!

If you need or want to see some of the sales I scored you can check out Mommysnacks or Stretching a Buck. I used both of those sites to help me with the coupon match-ups!


One response to “Target shopping trip

  1. Great deals. I also hit target yesterday. I got 8 packs of huggies, a 4 pack of d batteries. (paisley's mobil was dead.) and a wii game that was clearanced. $68. I was happy. I am going to try to head there again and get some of the BTS stuff.

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