First Day of School.

Well, my little girl is growing up. Am I happy about it…no way. I can’t stop it as much as I may try. She started preschool bright and early this morning. Chuckie and I took her to school and walked her in. She looked so big! She took off her backpack and hung it in her cubby like she’d been there dozens of times. When she went in she politely said hello to the teachers and made her way over to the other kids.

We had decided earlier that we weren’t going to hang around very long with the goodbye part of the morning, so Chuck told her bye and that he would see her after work. She ran up and gave him a big hug and kiss and said “I love you Daddy”. He ask her to be good and she said “no problem, Mommy will be here”…uh oh. I quickly explained that I needed to go home and take care of her brother and sister and would be back later. She started to get a little watery in the eyes, but I **very rapidly** kissed her, told her goodbye and left. Once outside it hit me…my baby was a big girl and was beginning her educational career! Chuck saw the tears and hugged me then laughed and got into his car…men! They just don’t get it do they? I walked back to the van and got in just in time to see another mother going in with her little guy. She was bawling her eyes out already! I didn’t feel so bad for my couple of tears and took off for home.

Honestly thinking about how the morning went the worst part was just getting out the door! Ren cried so hard! He wanted to go to school too but isn’t quite big enough (read potty trained) to go. Once he is he will be going to Tuesday School.

Otherwise, the morning went as I had hoped! Here’s to more of the same the rest of this week!

The picture below is what Audrey did at school today. She made a puppet of herself. This week and next the kids will be learning about how God made them each individuals and special. Today Audrey learned that God gave her beautiful brown eyes like her Mommy’s, or so she told the teacher. In truth, I have been telling her that since she was tiny and she just repeated it to the teacher….yup, that’s my girl!

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