Menu Plan Monday–week of Aug. 31

We had a good week last week. I stuck to the menu for every night. Although there were some slight changes in the nights, we still had it all! We adored the crockpot chicken tacos from the menu and had enough left over to freeze for hubby’s lunch this week!!

The weather is getting cooler around here, odd for August, but hey, I’ll take it! I love fall-like weather soooo much! It makes me think of warm comfort foods, several of which are appearing this week!

1. Vegetable beef stew (made in the crock pot)

2. Spaghetti and meatballs (our stand-by meal)

3. Pecan crusted chicken tenders, rice, veggie

4. Shredded beef and noodles (a variation of the classic Betty Crocker stoganoff recipe and made from left over beef from stew)

5. Shrimp salad (made with garden goodies!!)

6. Kids choice and they said they wanted hot dogs, peanut butter and donuts….I’ll figure out something from this but they are in NO WAY eating this for a meal. I’m not THAT crazy!!

Happy eating everyone and make sure to check out more menus by visiting I also pulled some of the recipes this week from Mom Tested, Kid Approved and Betty Crocker.


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