Mommy review. Huggies pure and natural.

We here at Mommy Confessions are always trying new products that we see. Normally we try them because we got a killer coupon in the mail and the item looks interesting.
I am a loyal Huggies user. I don’t waver from 1 type of diaper to the next. I stick with Huggies and I am never disappointed. Until now. With my quest to become more environmentally friendly I discovered that Huggies has a new type of diaper out. It is the pure and natural. I thought what a great idea. I had some Kick butt coupons and I gave it a try buying 2 packs of these. What a HUGE disappointment. They are the worst diapers I have ever owned. They leak after 1 wet. Here is an example. Today actually about 15 minuets ago I changed Paisley’s diaper. I came in my room sat down on the computer and pulled up my blog. I started to smell something I walked out of my room and smelled the baby. I went and changed her and she had already leaked thru this diaper. It is insane. Like I said I am a loyal Huggies user but the Huggies pure and natural is for the birds. I do not recommend this to anybody unlss you want to change your babies clothes every hour and go thru 1 billion diaper a day.

If you would like us to try your product or any product and review it please let us know we are always up for finding that great item. We always share our favorite items with friends and who ever we can talk to about it.


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