Adding a contributor

I’ve gone and done it! I added someone to my blog. You see, I have this other blog (aka a super secret blog) that I write with a very good friend of mine named Andrea. In her attempt (and I use that loosely as she is VERY good with budgets and coupons, etc…) to write about savings on the SSB (super secret blog) I mentioned that maybe she could post them here. It makes sense since this blog is mainly about saving, coupons, menus, etc…and not so much about super secret things like our other one is…

Soooo, Here’s Andrea! A little more info about her. She’s in her VERY early 30’s, has 3 beautiful children with another on the way. She has been married for **almost** 7 years (their anniversary is in 2 weeks!). She has been a wonderful friend of mine for more years than I’m going to say for fear that would make us look OLD (which we totally aren’t)!!!

Welcome to the Kandi Bar, Andrea!!!! Show us your savings…..


One response to “Adding a contributor

  1. Y'all aren't old. Do go there. šŸ˜‰

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