What Happened Wednesday

posted by Kandi

I was thinking this morning about what to post on this today. Then it dawned on me. I want to know what happened to my brain, seriously people! I know that I have one, science tells me that. What I want to know is what happened to it. Now, not to knock myself or anything, but I was once a smart person. I loved school, excelled in college and had a plan all laid out. Then it happened. I woke up one day and my intellectual brain was gone and in it’s place was a brain that constantly says “no”, “Dear Lord what happened now?”, “yes, Mommy is mean”, “Don’t hit/bite/yell at your (insert sibling here)”, etc... You know what I’m talking about. Kid lines. Now, I’m not saying having kids is the reason I no longer have a brain. They are a symptom…haha.

I just wonder what happened to all the stuff I used to know. Useful things, like…oh, how to start the lawnmower comes to mind. As does proper use for a bowl (they are not hats…). At one time I used to really truly enjoy listening to music. Anything! I’m not picky with genres or artist. Now though, if it’s not Disney Princess, Imagination Movers, The Wiggles, or other such kiddie artists I just can’t function. I think it’s particularly sad that as a Mom who loved to go out dancing I now know all the movements to many random kid songs. My specialties being the Movers and Wiggles.

I also know that at one point, my mind was chock-full of recipes that we had/wanted/were going to try. Now, if Mac-n-Cheese isn’t with the meal, it’s a total loss (maybe a slight exaggeration there, but you get the point).

As the last reference to my bygone brain I will use clothing. I’m not overly stylish by any means, but I did have a slight style. When then, did I start buying clothes based on comfort and stain removal properties?!?!? Really! I was shopping at one of my favorite stores, Kohl’s, with Audrey and she said “ohh, Mommy, that’s a pretty shirt”. I answered “yes, but it’s white and you will see stains too easily”. Really Kandi, get a hold of yourself!!!

I’m not asking for everything my brain held back. A few things would be a good start. Maybe music?? Or even better, the ability to purchase a white shirt without worrying about staining…

So, if you are walking along or chatting with me or whatever and you see glimpses of my “old brain” wave/say hello. I’m sure it would like a few visitors!!


One response to “What Happened Wednesday

  1. Too funny. I feel the same way. But with music I have taught my kids to love what I listen to. Evan and I love to sing to Michael Buble matter of fact he listens to the CD at bedtime when he actually sleeps in his room.I misses reading real books. Now for me to read a book it takes me like 6 months. Instead of 2 days. Crazy…

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