Mommy Confessions

Thanks Kandi for reminding me it is Friday. Which would lead me to my

I confess.

That I don’t know my butt from the mail box. Much less what day of the week it is.

That I have not been dealing with my stress all that well. Luckily I have a husband that understands to stay away and keep his mouth shut and just blames it all on being pregnant.

That I have really been slacking on everything in life.

That I wish I didn’t make the deal with my mom to let my kids come back over as long as my grandmother went to the dr to get checked out. I am freaking out about the safety of my kids.

That I have no clue how to give rules to my mom for my kids. See above

That I told my kids that I threw their toys out when I cleaned their rooms and playroom. I didn’t throw them all out just some the rest I put in hiding.

That I haven’t wore makeup all week long.

That I haven’t taken a shower before 10pm all week long.

That it was great to run errands all by my lonesome today. Instead of cleaning my house.

That Evan’s new school creeps me out.

That Evan’s new school gives me a really bad feeling. (my spidey senses are normally right)

I confess that the other person on this blog is having her 7th anniversary this week.

That is it for me. I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Share your confessions with us. Trust me it can’t be that bad.

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