Menu Plan Monday

Wow, I am a lot later posting this than usual. I guess taking off a week wasn’t such a good idea…NOT!! So, since I didn’t do a menu last week all I can say is that I was a total dork in the kitchen. I really feel so lost without a weekly menu at my fingertips. We spent a lot more money on food and ate junky type of foods without my “handy dandy” menu.

1. Chicken Fried rice, green beans

2. Parmesan chicken alfredo with salads (I’ve used all the lettuce from our garden, so it’s back to store bought until the next batch gets growing!)

3. Seasoned Shrimp on the “barbie”, corn on the cob and plums

4. crock pot roast, mashed potatoes (that I made and froze a couple of weeks ago), buttered carrots.

5. Leftover roasted beef with noodles

6. Tuna noodle casserole

7. leftover delights.

Here are my plans for the week. What’s on your menu? Make sure to go over to for more Menu Plan Monday ideas. I have personally found loads of ideas from that site. Oh you can also check out some “Mom tested, Kid approved” meals at this site. I love the frozen dinners that are listed. They are so good and super easy!!


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