I’m a computer widow…

posted by Kandi

I’m a computer widow. Do you have a similiar experience? It started out as fun and games. When Chuckie and I were first married it was fun. We’d play games together or against each other. Then he finished college, with his degree in IT. Should have known then I would eventually lose the love of my life to the love of his….his computer. One would think that after being at work all day and repairing issues, writing programs and general computer crap that one would come home and try to stay as far away from said computer as possible. NO WAY…NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!

I’m tired of being left alone at night so that Chuck can go and “play” his internet spaceship game, or his fighting game, or his car game. I’m getting really tired of listening to him talk into his headset (yes people, my hubby is that big a dork) to random people he will never meet.

So, I’m a computer widow. Do I mind it? Not really. Is it really as bad as I make it seem? No way. He honestly doesn’t spend any more time playing than I do blogging, and we all know how little of that I do…**ahem**. I just sometimes look at him while he’s playing and seriously wonder…”isn’t he tired of those things?” because goodness knows I get tired of what I do from time to time and would like a little change of pace. You know something REALLY drastic, like hire a personal diaper sniffer who checks the kids to see who the stinky butt belongs to. Something wild and crazy like that. What do you think??


2 responses to “I’m a computer widow…

  1. I feel you completely. Due to us being married to the same brain in different bodies. Most of the time I am greatful that Tommy has something to do. But there are some times I wish we didn't have a computer in the house at all. Like when I need a 5 min shower for the day and have 3 screaming kids you know how it is you ask and the men act like 3 year olds because they have to stop gaming. Or when I haven't seen my obsessed hubby for weeks due to getting a new game and I ask to play a real board game and I get the "I am going to spend my whole life with you" crap. All in all I am glad he has a hobby but I just wish he had that kind of focas on me as he does on that damn thing.

  2. 100% agree!!

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