My soccer girl.

posted by Kandi

Well, it’s official. Audrey is all signed up and equipped for her big soccer practice debut next week (I’m sure there will be a post about it!). We went Wednesday and purchased all her stuff. The trip included a new ball, shin guards, cleats, and socks. Most of the stuff has pink on it somewhere, with exception to the socks which are white. The soccer ball is another matter all together! She was sooo angry when they didn’t have any pink balls. Seriously. She looked at me and said, “well, if purple is all they have I guess that will do for now”. She’s 4 people!!!!!!!

Even though Audrey and Chuck have been playing around with a soccer ball for several years, she is just now at the age that she can join a “real team” (her words). She is so excited! Me, on the other hand, well, I’m LOST!!! I don’t know the first thing about soccer, really. Football, baseball, basketball and even hockey I know enough to understand. Soccer…nothing. I feel like I’m going to take her to practice just to stand there and look like an idiot. I don’t even know when to cheer. All I can say is thank goodness there are good workers at the local sporting goods store too! So, I guess I’m going to have to take some Soccer 101 classes or something and fast!

Now, I’ll get back to the reason for the blog. While I was the one who took her shopping for all her stuff, I had NO IDEA how to put everything together. I had a vague suspicion at best, but made her wait until Chuck got home to really try it all. While he was showing her how to put things on I kept catching the faintest hint of a proud dad smile on his mouth. Chuck’s not the one to show his emotions (what man really does right?), but it was so sweet that I snapped some pictures of it.


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