Kandi’s Mommy Confessions of the Week…

posted by Kandi

It’s been a LONG week around here. I still feel like I haven’t caught up from the weekend, but do we ever really get caught up on things? Here are my confessions of the week.

I confess:
-that I am still really p.o.ed at my fil every time I think about it.
-to having to break my oldest daughter’s heart by telling her she wouldn’t start soccer this week as planned because of the coach’s work schedule.
-to having a blast shopping for Audrey’s soccer paraphenalia. It’s all pink btw.
-to missing my kids terribly while we were gone.
-that even though the above statement is true, it was nice to spend some one-on-one time with Chuck no matter the stress that surrounded it.
-to being a total slacker mom this week, really….they had lunchables 3 days in a row. My kids NEVER eat lunchables unless it’s a special occasion and we won’t be home for lunch.
-that without my weekly menu plan I’m a total failure at coming up with menus each night.
-to LOVING my local farmer’s market.
-that since we’ve come home from last weekend, my family has turned a new corner. The stress level in our house is at a minimum!!
-that if one good thing comes out of the mess with my in-laws it’s that Chuck and I have taken HUGE steps in communicating better and paying attention to what we say and how we say things to each other and the kids.
-to loving the fact that my Mom is “home” for the whole month of August….more free babysitting!!!

-that this confession is getting long, so I will stop for the week.

How did your week go? Do you have anything you need to confess? Let us know. Share your stories and confessions….

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