Healthy Choice Steamer meals=DELICIOUSNESS!!

Let me first start off by saying that I am EXTREMELY skeptical of ANY frozen meals. I haven’t really found any that I liked. That was until this weekend!!

Friday at the grocery store, I noticed that the Healthy Choice meals were on special. I had a coupon (as usual!!) and it made them an awesome price. I looked through the options and noticed the Cafe Steamers. I thought, wow, those look really good but what about calories and fat content. Being that I am the grocery shopper in our family, I am always on the lookout for something that is good and low in fat too.

I started reading the back of the label for nutrition info and found that each of the bowls has anywhere between 230 and 280 calories (the ones I looked at anyway, there may be more variation in all of them). I can do that. So can Hubby. .

We each had our first experience with them this weekend. Hubby had his Saturday evening while I was out “with the girls” and I had one Sunday for lunch.

Pictures courtesy of Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers

He had the Cajun Style chicken and shrimp. He is a sucker for anything Cajun or creole flavored and I hoped he would adore this one. He did! He ask if I had purchased any more and I told him no, I had gotten a variety. Then he walked over to our fridge list and put at the very top Healthy Choice Cajun Steamer. I assume that means he REALLY like it….haha.

Pictures courtesy of Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers

I had the Beef Merlot flavor and loved it! I loved that it was done in several minutes, adored the fact that the food was steamed and the convenience of having everything in one package was wonderful. Not to mention that the taste was great!!!

Sooooo, that’s what we found that we loved this weekend. Did you find/try any new products that you want to share? Let me know!!

**Disclaimer area** I was in NO WAY contacted by the company who makes Healthy Choice meals and ask to write this. These are my opinions (and my hubby’s) and as such may vary from yours.

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