The girls night out.

Since Kandi hasn’t posted about it. I will.
I am so glad that Kandi decided that we all needed go out. It was so much fun to see the girls and just hang out. We wish that all the girls could have made it but we understand the reasoning.
We started out a Mimi’s cafe. It was great to just sit around the dinner table chatting about our insane lives and not have kids yelling ” I need to go potty NOW!” We had fun talking about the past and current life. It was kinda awkward because only 3 of us hung around when we were younger so the other 2 kinda didn’t always know what was going on. After a nice dinner we went shopping and Kandi is no longer a virgin in the Vera Bradley club. She bought her very first one. It is a Kandi bag thru and thru. We headed over to the movies after and saw one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Even though we had really crappy seats. Like 4 rows back. (can we say I wanted to vomit watching the previews for final destination.) We saw hangover. I had never heard anything about it but laughed so hard. I highly recommend seeing it as long as you aren’t easily offended or embarrassed easily. Lets just say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
I am not sure about the other girls but I got a phone call asking when I was going to be home. When I arrived home I had 2 kids still awake after I got them to bed the baby woke up. So I had to take care of her then.
If you haven’t been out with the girls in awhile. I say it is time to leave the men home and head out for a night with the girls. Granted it isn’t like it was when we were in our early 20’s it is so much more.

One response to “The girls night out.

  1. Yeah, I know…I'm a slacker..haha. I've had issues with Court since Sunday…LONG STORY. Anyway, I totally agree with Andrea, about everything. Even the vomiting during the preview. The movie was hilarious!! And Bradley Cooper is soo hot anyway, so that was a bonus. Yes, I finally submitted to my Vera Bradley calling. I've held out for YEARS! I agree. If you haven't gone out in a while with your girls, do it! The big difference this time was little to no alochol. Oh, and more potty breaks….LOL.Thanks for posting Andrea! I appreciate it!

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