It’s a Girls Night Out….

posted by Kandi

And honey there ain’t no doubt….

That is a lyric from the song A Girl’s Night by Wynonna Judd. That song has been running through my head ALL DAY!! Tonight, it IS a girl’s night. Andrea and I will be hanging out with some of our old friends (old as in we’ve been friends a long time, NOT that we are old or anything…). We are going to go have dinner and then a movie afterward. Although honestly, I see us laughing and having such a good time at dinner that we fore go the movie and head someplace casual to chat. That’s just my opinion though, Andrea may want to see a good movie and have some semi-quiet time (I’ll let her interject anything she wants in here).

SO, be prepared for the full on description. I am taking my camera along, so I assume pictures may be posted as well. I am really looking forward to it! It’s been soooo long since I’ve done anything or gone anywhere (grocery not included!) by myself or hung out with the “girls”. I hope, no I KNOW we will have a blast and come away with even more memories….and maybe a few more stories to post about here! More to come about this outing later, so stay tuned…..


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