Meet Bryan…

posted by Kandi

This is my BFF’s husband Bryan. He is on Facebook. He has a VERY sarcastic sense of humor, as seen in the photo…

Andrea and I are also on Facebook. We write on each other’s wall pretty regularly. Our wall posts consist mainly of “hey, did you see (insert store) has this on sale for (insert price) and with a coupon it’s (insert price after coupon). Every once in a while though one of us has a blog type of question. We “try” to be discreet about it though. See, we don’t want to let anyone know of this blog because we use it to vent, ramble and say things that our family or friends may think is about them…and no one wants that!!

So, back to Bryan. He usually also comments on our wall posts. Only, he has no idea what we are talking about or anything, so his comments are way out in left field (I’m terrible at sayings so if that is wrong feel free to correct me). Anyway, here is a “quite lame” example of what I am talking about…..

Andrea-check it the sched isn’t doing can you fix it? I tried…no luck
Kandi-it’s probably there now…they post based on pacific time…I learned that one the hard way…lol
Bryan-Yeah lol…the sched isn’t doing.
Kandi-we’re speaking our super secret language again and have thoroughly confused Bryan….lol
Andrea-Hey Kandi ever feel like you are being stocked by our friends hubby..
Kandi-yeah…oddly enough. I honestly just think he wishes he could decipher our **code**. I think I’ll do a thing about it to post tomorrow? What do you think??
Bryan-“Hey Kandi ever feel like you are being stocked by our friends hubby..”
So are you saying that you and Kandi are shelves and that I’m stocking you both then?
Your guys code is very confusing.
Kandi-Only to you Bryan, only to you….

We intentionally don’t use certain words and misspell often. This is part of keeping it a secret ya know! He cracks me up each time I read something he posts. Well, either I start giggling or roll my eyes and *sigh* at the sheer dorkiness of his statement. Either way, it’s still a good thing.

Now, in Bryan’s defense he is a really funny guy! Granted, he’s as big a dork as my husband is, but he’s an all around nice guy. You just have to love (well love may be a strong word, like may be better) like a guy who brings sarcasm to everything!

One response to “Meet Bryan…

  1. I really don't need to add anything. I think that bottom picture says it all. Yes we know a 30 something man that wears spider man under roos.

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