Blog promotion…

I love to read blogs. Let me rephrase that…I love to read blogs when I have time. I used to read more than I have time for now. See, I’ve developed this little addiction to Facebook. I’ll save that post for another day though…

Now, there is something wonderful that has come from being on Facebook. I have reconnected with loads of friends!! People I loved dearly at certain points in my life and lost touch with for various reasons.

One of those people is still as sweet as I remember her! She is the little sister of one of my high school BFF’s named Nikki. Well, now Nikki is all grown up and a Mom herself. She made mention of making and freezing some dinners for her family and I ask if she ever posted her recipes. She said yes! and referred me to a blog she, along with some Mom friends of hers, write.

I visited her site this evening and came away with loads of recipes I am going to try. They seem so easy to prepare and good for you too. I made sure to ask if I could post about their blog and got a Yes!!! So, let me introduce you all to Nikki and her Mom friends. Nikki also said that the Mom’s group she is in meets a couple times a month and they make meals together. Then they post the recipes they made for the rest of us to enjoy as well.

If you get a moment, go and check out their site. I’m sure you will find several recipes that will tempt your taste buds as well!!! There is also a link to the site on my sidebar if you prefer that method.


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