posted by Kandi

This week is an all across the board confessions for me. I have had a really crazy week. So, without further ado:

This week I confess-

-that my new neighbors are kind of nasty people.
-yes, I did judge them and still have not met them
-to telling Peanut that if she picks her nose one more time I was going to cut off her fingers.
-wanting to kill a certain squirrel for getting into my garden….again.
-losing my cool and going into the basement and screaming.
-scaring my hubby because I screamed…he thought I was hurt or something.
-I had a blast at the museum with Andrea and her kids. And everyone else too.
-I was very happy that Ren was good at the doctor, even though he had to get a shot.
-to being too flexible with naps and now am reaping what I sowed.
-that I wanted to harm Ren when he ran off at the museum. He just doesn’t understand he’s smaller than the big kids.
-almost having a heart attack because of Ren (see above confession for why)
-not spending enough time with Audrey. She has ask for lots of alone time this week and I haven’t had the time. (I should remedy that tonight…bad Mommy!!)
-having 3 great kids that continue to amaze me every day…what more could I ask for?

What confessions do you have to share this week? Feel free to share with either this post or Andrea’s post.

2 responses to “Confessions…

  1. I confess that I've been a little nasty to my husband, for no apparant reason. I'm 22w pregnant and he just seems to be the one to take the brunt of it all.I also confess that I, too, judge my neighbors (one certain neighbor) and have yet to meet them. They keep their house and kids a mess and often have at least 6 to 7 cars parked in front of their house and all the owners of the cars seem to sleep in their cars, all the time. There's also a registered sex offender who's registered at the property, however, I don't know which one it is, if he still lives there, or what. In our fairly nice neighborhood, their house makes quite the eye-sore.

  2. Thanks for admitting that Stephanie! I'm not really sure how long these neighbors will be there. It's a rental house and these are the second people to rent it since we've lived in our house (only 8 months!).

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