This week’s sales, what I’m seeing.

This is something I think I may start doing on a weekly basis. I will attempt to do it on Sundays. This isn’t going to be a run down on who has what on sale and coupon match-ups. This will resemble a hodge-podge of items that caught my eye while looking through the ads. I will categorize them by store, give the price and any other info. Sometimes things just jump out at me as good deals. They may or may not be something you want/need but with everyone trying to save their pennies these days, a little “oh, this is a good price” list may help. I will let you know that these items will most likely NOT be food related. There are enough food blogs out there to help someone. The stuff will probably have to do with what I may need to help out with the house, kids, etc…

Hope the disclaimer at the top was enough for you take a look. So without further ado…here goes my very first what I’m seeing blog.

It’s back to school time already!!

#2 yellow pencils, 8 pack are $.01 (limit 2)

Staples 500 sheet copy paper are $.01 (limit 2)

2 pack kids scissors are $1.00 (limit 2)

64 count Crayola sidewalk chalk for $5.00

Target photo cd is $1.00

Purchase an Embark* backpack and get a **free** Arctic Zone lunch kit. Backpacks are priced between $9 and $19 each.

3 pack “bundle” of Kleenex is $5

8ct. washable markers or 12ct. colored pencils by RoseArt are $.50 each.

Everything for Wal~Mart says **while supplies last**.

Sterilite 18 Gallon tote (in very bright colors!) for $3.50

Sterilite 5 piece shoe box set for $3.50

Sterilite 35 Gallon Latch Tote is $10

Sterilite laundry basket, laundry hamper, or 36 quart wastebasket for $3.50 each ( I desperately need some new laundry baskets!!!)

70 page 1 subject notebooks are $.15 each (I use these for daily to do lists and I try to write scrapbook ideas in them when I get one)

2 pocket portfolios (aka folders) are $.05 (limit 10)–This particular price is ONLY GOOD for Sunday, July 12 through Tuesday July 14

6×8 hardcover photobook for $7.99 (10 pages). You then get $7.99 back in Extra Care bucks so it’s like getting it for **free**!!!

For a good explanation of CVS and the Extra Care Buck (ECB) program, click here to visit the Mommysnacks website. Andrea does an awesome job of explaining the program!!

That’s all I really see this time. I may add more if I get a Marsh ad or a Jo~Ann fabric ad or something like that. Hope you liked it…give me some feedback too. What types of things are you looking for or have seen at good prices?? Share your knowledge!!


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