Stupid lawsuit happy people.

You know there are a lot of people out there that are just plain ol money hungry. No longer is it work hard to earn a buck. Just do something stupid and file a lawsuit. First there was the McDonald’s coffee lady. Then the lady that sued a store because her own child jumped out from the clothing rack and caused her to trip. Yes I said her own child. But now this one. It needs to go down for the record of COMPLETE STUPIDITY. A lady was vacationing in Egypt with her daughter who was 13. Her daughter is now pregnant. The lady is saying that the girl got pregnant from the swimming pool. “there must have been errant sperm floating around just waiting to implant themselves in an unsuspecting female taking a dip” this is straight from the news. INSANE. The mom swears her daughter never left her side while they were on vacation. Hello. every thing of a teenager sneaking off while you are asleep or how about she got pregnant at HOME. Stupid people why would you embarrass yourself like this. Want to check this out..Pregnant by swimming
Like they said at least American’s are the only lawsuit happy people.

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