mommy confessions

Kandi and I have decided that since this is called Mommy Confessions that we would be true to our word and have 1 day a week to have Mommy Confessions. So We chose today as the day to start. Check back every Friday to see more of our Mommy Confessions.

I confess that all to often I tell my kids no when there really is no need to. I am going to try to tell them yes every once in awhile. All to often I spend more time yelling and getting on my kids case rather than when I am made walking over to them and giving them a hug and saying I love you.
I confess that I miss my grandparents dearly and want to give up this whole not going over there but I know I have to stand my ground. I confess I cry every day about the whole situation.
I confess that it is more work to take the kids out than it is really worth.
I have lots more but I want to save them for other weeks. What are your confessions. They can be deep personal ones or short and silly ones. Lets hear them.

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