pregnancy is getting old.

For the most part people have been pretty supportive when I tell them that I am pregnant again. Suddenly I feel like I have to defend myself. My husband supports our family. We get NO support from the Government or anybody else. We raise our own kids, Don’t ask for handouts, But some people are just plain rude. They laugh when you tell them, they look at you with pity, they look at you as if you are a complete moron. You really just want to smack them. Trust me what people are thinking I have already thought, I don’t need somebody telling me this. I realize it will be hard. I have a 6 yr old a 4 yr old a 4 month old and will have another in Jan/Feb. I KNOW IT IS GOING TO BE INSANE. NO NEED TO TELL ME IT.
It is funny with your first child you are all excited to go buy maternity clothes. You start wearing the day you find out. OK not really but you are just so excited. Your 2nd you put off even thinking about wearing them until you can’t find string long enough to tie to your pants. The 3rd you basically have to start wearing them by your 8th week. Now with my 4th my belly hadn’t even gone down from the 3rd, and well I am refusing to pull out the maternity clothes that I had just packed up. My pants are getting rather snug. I am down to 1 pair of pants. So I have to wash them rather quickly. The excitement of being pregnant is just not there. Don’t get me wrong I am excited to have another child but not about being pregnant. I had like a 3 month break. I know it could be so much worse. I could be throwing up non stop. I could have terrible kids, I could be on bed rest. I know I am a lucky person. I am just already over the being pregnant and I am only 9 1/2 weeks…CRAZY…


2 responses to “pregnancy is getting old.

  1. I love the picture at the top…too funny!! Look on the bright side, At least when some rude person who doesn't see the baby in your cart asks you if you're pregnant you can say, "why yes, I am". Instead of my answer…"neh, Not preggers, just fat!!"

  2. I agree! Pregnant with number 4, my kids are aged 9,8,2. Because my children all look completely different from me, my favourite question from strangers was "Do they all have the same father?" Only once did I reply "No I don't know who their fathers are. I'm a tramp".

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