Why not to get green icing….

posted by Kandi

We had our son’s birthday party this last weekend. He is desperately in love with Thomas the Train and so we geared the party for that theme. We had the party on the back patio and only invited a few people. He had a great time!! Loads of Thomas trains and accessories were given to him as gifts.

The only thing I learned from the party was this small little thing called green icing. In an attempt to get a really cool cupcake cake, I got a Thomas themed one with green “grass” icing. BIG MISTAKE!!! The bakery had put A LOT of green icing on the top. Needless to say, one bite into the icing and all the kids, parents, grandparents and even our table and patio were covered in green!!! AND IT STAINS!!!! I can still see green on my kiddos hands and they get bathed nightly plus hands scrubbed before and after each meal.

So, my lesson for this week is this…avoid green icing at all costs….or this could happen to you!!!!!


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