Ways to cut back your budget

My sister has been trying to minimize me fathers spending. This is a huge challenge. It got me thinking about what I have done in my life to cut down spending here and there. When money is the tightest. Most of this stuff I have done in my life here and there or do as we speak. We all have goals in life and mine it to be dept free by the end of the year and long term to pay for all my kids to go to college.

  1. Live on a cash only basis. This can be challenging if you are strapped but if you live by the rule of if you don’t have the money you don’t get it, you can save tons. It will be hard but worth it.
  2. Cut out cost that is not mandatory. We all have lived without cable, satellite,and internet. Not to long ago none of these were even around so take a couple months off and watch the saving come in. You think you spend around $50 on cable or whatever and another $30 or so on internet right there is $80 in 1 month.
  3. Evaluate your phone bill. Do you need caller id do you need voice mail. NO..cut those out there is about $10 each month. Doesn’t sound like a lot but in 1 year that is $120 WOW….Get rid of long distance.
  4. Use your cell phone for long distance calling or get rid of your home phone and use only cells. Check your cell bill and get rid of all the bells and whistles. Did you know to have you phone unlisted it is a charge. Gps is a charge internet is a charge. Take your phone down to basics. If your contract is up and you need a new phone get the free one but wait till you get free activation.
  5. Pay your bills 1st. this really should be number 1. Then see where you have money to spend on gas, food and extras. I live on a budget as do others. It is completely doable. It was hard at first but I survived.
  6. If you have the option drive a car that is better gas. On the weekends I drive my husband’s car. I have a suburban that I drive during the week but when I do a lot of running on the weekend I take the smaller car so gas isn’t as bad.
  7. Make a list before you go grocery shopping. Don’t go in blind. You will spend more.
  8. Take time look at ads and cut out coupons. Trust me this is soooooooo worth it.
  9. Play the prescription game. Move you meds from 1 pharmacy to another they give out gift cards to new and transferred prescriptions. Right now I have $75 in gift cards from Walgreens for 3 prescriptions. Nothing to sneeze about.
  10. Turn off your lights and unplug whatever you are not using. Sounds simple but we all know isn’t that simple.
  11. Pay your bills early. You need to avoid the late charges on everything. Money is money why pay someone $30 because you are late when that $30 could be paying another bill on time.
  12. Stop renting movies, buying movies, books or CD’s. Go to your local library. They have all of these. My library even recently starting caring Wii, PS3, and XBOX 360 games.

13. Stock pile on everything. Fill your freezer. Fill your house with things that you use all the time when you find it cheap if you have the extra money for it.

All of these will save you. You will notice the results right away. Do you have any tips that you want to share.

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