Joining in on the Jon and Kate…

I am personally not a fan of the show. There are many reasons for this. Kate is crazy and yells to much. Jon takes it. But mainly I don’t like shows that PIMP out kids. To me they have been blessed with all those kids. They were not given them to make money off of them. I believe that parents should spend time with their children and not fulfilling their own selfish dreams.
Not to long ago in history people had 8 kids and it wasn’t anything unusual. Jon and Kate choose to have 8 kids. They weren’t just dropped off at their door step one day. Many people have a large family and take care of them just fine with out the help of media. No child needs a multi million dollar home.
I did watch the show last night due to my insane husband wanting to watch it to see the prediction he made a few years ago come true. I found it very sad. Not because of the failed marriage. (I believe that you have to work on something to make it thrive) But by what was said. Kate kept saying My, I, Mine. It was never ours. Jon said ours more but then reverted back to I. I found it especially sad on how the kids were acting. Madi and Cara acted like little diva’s who were way to spoiled. To me it was like watching Paris Hilton as a child. YUCK. Then what kind of 5 year old need to say wait daddy we are doing an interview. TOTALLY inappropriate.
Greed has taken a hold of this family. It is very sad to see. I am willing to bet that if they could turn time back would they change their life and they wouldn’t. They like the money they like the attention, they like the perks of being famous. It is truely sad.

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